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Welcome to the Everglades Outfitter
The Everglades Outfitter in Naples, Florida sells top quality  cast nets by Cesar's Custom Cast Nets, West Coast Classic Pro and West Coast True Spread at discounted prices. We stock 8 ft - 14 ft nets and offer immediate shipment of the most popular mesh sizes.  Most of our customers are licensed full time guides and it's hard to get a more knowledgeable and demanding customer because their livelihood depends on catching bait. All of these bait nets are new, unused and carry the full manufacturer's warranty. If you are not satisfied with the appearance or quality of one of our nets when you receive it you may return it in new, unused condition for a full refund. Photos of Cesar making his net are on our Bait Tank page or click the links that follow in the next paragraph. We have been selling and using these top quality cast nets for nine years.  We are able to offer lower prices on our cast nets because of our lower overhead. Our only business is cast nets and we stand behind everything we sell. You will get the attention you deserve when you contact us. We will respond to your e-mail or call promptly and tell you precisely what we can do and what we can't. We have discontinued our shopping cart so orders and questions about current inventory have to be placed either by telephone or email.  We have the best prices on the brands of nets that we sell and we sell only the brands that we have confidence in. Please be advised that all of our nets are listed by the size of the radius. That means that a eight foot net is 16 feet in diameter and a twelve foot net is 24 feet in diameter. 

Cesar's Cast Nets (made in USA) are used and endorsed by Capt. Ralph Delph of Key West , FL with over 100 world records. Each net is made by Cesar Sevilla. Cesar's Cast Nets are made with machine sewn panels and machine sewn double lead lines (click on the words to see the pictures). Cesar's nets are in a different league than all of the imported nets         ( Calusa, Betts Super Pro, Black Mamba etc, etc.) If you haven't noticed, the prices on these "first class" imported nets has been skyrocketing lately whereby some of them are actually charging more than you would have to pay for our made in the USA Cesar's net. Not too many custom net makers are left and ours is the ONLY ONE that has machine sewn panels and a double lead line. These nets also have the heavy braille lines (100# test mono). Some people are bragging that their nets are hand made as in top quality and top dollar when all it really means is cheap labor. No cast net maker makes their own netting, they buy the netting and cut it into pieces and assemble it by tying the pieces together or in our case sewing them together.  ALL CAST NETS ARE HAND MADE. The difference in cast nets is in the design, type of construction (tied or sewn panels) (tied or sewn lead lines), and the materials. Treat yourself to one of these custom nets today, there is a difference . Please read the complete specifications on the Cesar's Cast Net by clicking on the Cesar's Cast Nets button on this web site.

The West Coast CLASSIC PRO CAST NET (CLOSE OUT- REMAINDER OF MY INVENTORY AT 20% DISCOUNT)  is the original (over 40 years in business) 6  machine sewn (stronger) panels with a true double lead line made with 2 pre-shrunk  3/16" nylon lines machine sewn together, heavy 100 pound test braille lines and a large horn (2") These nets also come with an outstanding  30 foot X 5/16" spun Dacron hand line which is easy on your hands but doesn't knot up as easily as soft lay nylon hand line.  The West Coast Classic Pro nets are now imported but built to their specifications. 

The  West Coast TRUE SPREAD CAST NET is a top quality 6 panel net imported by West Coast Nets and built to their specifications. These nets have a single 3/16" lead line, 80 pound test braille lines, smaller horn (1") and a 30 foot polypropylene hand line.  These nets are ideal for those interested in quality at an economical price. These nets are as heavy as our more expensive nets and equal or exceed the quality of the Calusa or Betts Super Pro cast nets. I have numerous highly experienced fishing guides who were using these other brands of nets and say the True Spread works better and they can buy it for less money from us.    

You may check out our prices on the Purchase On Line page. Orders will have to be placed by telephone or email and payment methods will be arranged at that time. I have disabled the shopping cart interactive features so do not try to place an online order.  You may call between 7 AM and 10 PM  Eastern time at 239-777-3565 seven days a week or by e-mail To bstuermer@evergladesoutfitter.com . If I am out fishing I will call or email you back as quickly as I can. You can rest assured that whatever method you choose you will not be billed until your net is boxed up and ready to ship.  Please feel free to call with any questions you may have concerning your selection of a net.

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Capt. Bill Stuermer - owner/operator


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